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Customized Healthcare Laundry Services to Meet Your Needs

Complete healthcare linen laundering services – from patient linens to surgical gowns Surgical pack assembly and sterilization – customized pack making and towel folding Custom pickup/delivery schedules Inventory and usage consultation Usage trend statistical analysis

Items Laundered Sterile Surgical Systems launders all hospital linen items including bedding, terry, patient apparel, staff apparel, and environmental services items. All items are priced per pound except specialty items such as cubicle curtains, lab coats, and specialty linen, microfiber mops, slings, etc.

Pricing Rental and COG pricing is available. Please see pricing data sheet for details.

Delivery Days Sterile Surgical Systems delivers six days per week, Sunday thru Saturday; delivery times can be negotiated. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day are the only days without deliveries.

OR Packs and Sterilization Sterile Surgical Systems launders, inspects, configures, and sterilizes OR towel packs and OR gown packs. These come in a variety of different configurations and sizes depending the hospital’s specific needs

Sterile Surgical Systems Laundry Process Overview

Sterile Surgical Systems washes laundry using a “Keep Separate” system where all accounts are processed separately. This ensures that laundry from one facility is never mixed with laundry from another facility. The laundry is hand inspected at over seven checkpoints throughout the process. By having so many manual checkpoints we guarantee that we have the highest quality in the industry.

1. Unload Soiled Linen Soiled laundry unloaded into soil sort area Carts disinfected by hand Carts sent to finish area

2. Soil Sort Linen sorted by hospital item and queued for wash deck All hospitals/clinics processed separately All soil sort employees wear special PPE

3. Wash Deck Sorted linen is weighed and loaded into appropriate washer Optimal chemical formula/wash cycle is chosen Wash load QA’d, unloaded and loaded into appropriate dryer

4. Finish Area Finish area physically separated from soil sort area All items go through rigorous individual QA inspection All items that meet our quality bar are hand folded

5. Loading Finished items loaded onto finish carts Carts are weighed, covered and loaded onto truck Trucks depart depending on customer requirements