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Reusable Surgical Textile Pack Services

Sterile Surgical Systems provides FDA regulated reusable surgical pack assembly for healthcare facilities in the Puget Sound Region. As the only facility west of the Rocky Mountains permitted by the FDA to sterilize surgical textile packs, we are able to let hospitals and surgery centers concentrate on serving patients instead of the onerous, highly regulated, and expensive process of assembling and sterilizing surgical packs.

Customized Surgical Packs

• Choose from over 100 Custom Packs
• 3 Levels of Barrier Protection Gowns
• AAMI PB70 Standard for Liquid Barrier Performance
• Reduce Your Facility’s Medical Waste by up to 70 percent
• Order Only What you Need for Next Day Delivery
• Reusable Surgical Gowns, Towels, Drapes, Table, and Mayo Stand Covers
• Proprietary 7 Point QA Process Ensures the Highest Quality
• Award Winning “Green” Facility